Franklin Long Roofing offer a wide variety of Coloursteel profiles (our roofing supplies are made using official Colorsteel materials) suitable for any building. From Styleline roofing to corrugated roofing, we do it all. For more information on a particular profile, click on the corresponding diagram above or give us a call today.

Profile Corrugated

Corrugated Iron is one of the oldest and most widely used domestic profiles. Even today still proves to be the most popular residential profile on the market, which is as much at home in modern applications as it is for recapturing the charm of an old villa. In addition to its cosmetic appeal is its ability to be able to be curved for use in bullnosed verandahs and curved barns etc.

Corrugated Iron

Sheet coverage: 762mm

Minimum pitch: 8 degrees

G550.40 Bmt .55 Bmt
End of sheet span.7m1.0m
Intermediate span1.0m1.5m

Styleline Profile
Styleline Profile

This profile has shown to be very popular for both residential and commercial applications. The rib height gives this profile extra spanning capabilities and also has the ability to perform down to a 3 degree pitch. As with the corrugated profile this product is manufactured in house allowing for cost effective supply.

Styleline Profile
Styleline Profile

Sheet coverage: 760mm

Minimum pitch: 3 degrees.

G550.40 Bmt.55 Bmt
end of sheet span1200mm1350mm
intermediate span1750mm1950mm